I had a silent breast implant rupture (no encapsulation). My breasts are both soft and jiggly. The implants are 10 years old, mushy, and soft, and I have at least a B cup of my own tissue (sub-dermal implants). They are not droopy. Will I be deformed after having my breast implants removed? I’m very scared, my aesthetic result is important to me. What will I look like after explantation? What should I expect? Will I need a breast lift? Will all my own tissue be removed, leaving me with concave “puppy dog ears”?

A: what to expect after breast implant removal

If you do not want another implant inserted after your implant removal, the final result depends on the amount of breast tissue you have and the size of the implant.  Since you have a natural “B” this is favorable compared to having no natural breast tissue. If your implant is very large this will potentially create more sagging.  The safest was to deal with this situation is to remove the implants and then 6-9 months later, if needed, perform a breast lift.  The reason to wait is to allow the tissues to shrink and contract- and you may be able to avoid a breast lift and additional scars.  If you attempt to remove the implant and do the lift at the same time, the breast tissue can change and your final result may look different than the result you had on the operating room table.

Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in this type of breast surgery.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno