Every Beverly Hills woman will experience physical changes after pregnancy. While having a baby is one of the greatest feelings in the world and women would never trade the experience for anything, it’s also hard to overlook the changes to the body right away and over time. This is why so many women today are choosing to get a mommy makeover afterward.

A mommy makeover doesn’t refer to any specific procedure. Instead, it’s a combination of procedures patients can choose from, depending on how their body was altered during and after their pregnancy. Everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to pregnancy, so Dr. Bruno can tailor a mommy makeover to address any specific needs a patient has. Most of the time the main focus is on the breasts and abdomen area, but other areas can be addressed as well.

Mommy Makeover Procedures to Choose From

A mommy makeover can include two or more of the following procedures:

These are the most popular procedures Beverly Hills women choose for their mommy makeover, even though some patients may not need them. Often a patient’s abdominal area experiences more changes than the breasts, so they may consider only getting a tummy tuck and liposuction as part of their mommy makeover. The great thing about it is the combination of procedures can allow any woman to get their body back in the shape they previously were and can even make it look better than it was.

Create Long-Lasting Results

Most Beverly Hills women wait until they plan on having no more kids to have their mommy makeover. The main reason is that the results can last a lifetime, but another pregnancy can alter the body and create the need for another mommy makeover. The results aren’t only physical, either. The majority of patients tell Dr. Bruno they’ve experienced a greater sense of self-confidence and feel prouder of their appearance than ever before. Whether patients are brand new mothers or if they’ve decided to get a mommy makeover many years after having children, the rejuvenated appearance and mentality can last a lifetime.

The Right Plastic Surgeon Makes a Difference

Regardless of which combination of procedures Beverly Hills patients choose with their mommy makeover, working with the best plastic surgeon can make a huge difference. Dr. Bruno is known as being one of the top surgeons in the Beverly Hills area, as well as across the country. He can help patients envision exactly how they will look afterward and give them the opportunity to customize their mommy makeover experience accordingly.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery wants patients to look and feel their best following any procedure. A mommy makeover is one of our favorite procedures to perform since patients typically walk out of our office feeling like a brand new person with a new sense of self-confidence. It’s our goal always to make people look how they want to physically, but it’s the mentality and other aspects that make us proud.

To learn more about a mommy makeover and how Dr. Bruno can address your specific needs, contact us to schedule a consultation.