If you are interested in changing the contour of your body, you may be considering either a Beverly Hills fat transfer to buttocks or buttock implants. Both procedures can increase the projection and size of your buttocks and provide you with a shapelier figure. However, William Bruno, MD Plastic Surgery recommends fat transfer to achieve the best butt augmentation results. Below, Dr. Bruno, a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in the procedure, discusses the benefits a fat transfer to the buttocks offers patients and the risks it helps to minimize.

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Beverly Hills Fat Transfer To Buttocks: A Targeted Approach

Before performing surgery, Dr. Bruno meets with patients to define their goals and to develop a plan for the procedure. He determines the existing projection of their buttocks, the shape of their waist and hips, and other key factors.

In a fat transfer to buttocks, Dr. Bruno removes viable fat from targeted areas of the body. This process both collects the material for the fat transfer and creates more defined hips and thighs. Then, he injects the fat into the buttocks in a way that addresses specific patient concerns.

Buttocks implants alone do not create the definition that the fat transfer process does. Patients will require liposuction in order to achieve the same results. In addition, surgeons can only select buttock implants by volume or size; they insert them as a single “piece” within the buttock. Fat, on the other hand, can be used in small amounts throughout the buttocks, allowing for a more nuanced, focused approach.

Natural Look And Feel From Fat Transfer To Buttocks

Whatever procedure a patient is getting, one of their biggest goals with plastic surgery is ensuring that the results seem natural. Both implants and fat transfer can provide an improvement, however fat transfer to buttocks may offer a more natural look and feel.

A buttock implant is made of synthetic material (typically, semi-soft silicone that feels similar to your own tissue). As a result, the implant may be palpable to the patient, especially in the first few months following surgery.

When opting for fat transfer to buttocks, Beverly Hills patients are using their own body fat to increase their size and projection. Fat feels more like the rest of the buttock than implants, and it can be injected throughout the area to provide a uniform improvement.

Possible Complications

William Bruno, MD Plastic Surgery prioritizes patient safety, from using only accredited outpatient surgery centers to employing best practices in plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Bruno recommends fat transfer over buttock implants in part because buttock implants carry a higher risk of complications. Namely, when a foreign object is introduced into your body, it is more likely to cause infection. Also, implants may be displaced, sag, or cause scar tissue formation.

Fat transfer uses your body’s own materials to change your appearance. As a result, you can experience a safer procedure and expect an excellent outcome.

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