If you are considering a butt augmentation, you likely know about the some of the benefits: larger, shapelier buttocks and a more well-proportioned body. The natural fat transfer approach also provides patients with liposuction in targeted areas of fat, such as legs, flanks, and the abdomen.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills uses the natural fat transfer method for butt augmentation because of several advantages that it offers over buttock implants. Typically, surgeons plan for patients to retain 70% of the transferred fat as part of a successful outcome. However, there are two keys to preserving this 70% of transfer (and ensuring you get the type of results you are expecting): the skill your doctor uses and the steps you take during recovery.

Beverly Hills Butt Augmentation: Surgical Skill

The surgeon you select for your butt augmentation is extremely important. In natural fat transfer, the surgeon harvests fat using liposuction. He strains and prepares these fat cells and then re-injects them into the buttocks.

To keep the fat viable throughout the procedure, the surgeon should:

  • Collect the fat in a gentle, targeted way to preserve the structure of the cells.
  • Clean and separate cells using modern equipment and surgical practices.
  • Inject the cells at the appropriate depth into the muscle.
  • Use the correct distribution throughout the upper and lower buttock.

To make sure these measures are taken, Dr. Bruno recommends working with a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in safe, comfortable fat transfers for buttock augmentation. Your doctor should have a track record of success and should take the time to perform a high-quality procedure.

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Butt Augmentation Recovery Behavior

Dr. Bruno advises Beverly Hills butt augmentation patients about proper care after the procedure. For example:

  • Butt augmentation patients should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for at least two weeks. When you do sit, you may need to use pillows and cushions so that more of your body’s weight is on the back of your thighs.
  • You will want to take similar precautions while sleeping: lie on your side or stomach rather than on your back.
  • Avoid strenuous, fat-burning exercise for about eight weeks after surgery. You need to allow time for the transferred fat cells to establish the necessary blood supply.

The longer you can keep pressure and strain off your buttocks after surgery, the higher the percentage of fat cells that will survive. All of these steps together may be an inconvenience, but they will help you get the most from your procedure.

Seeing Your Butt Augmentation Results

At three months after your operation, you will have a good idea of how much fat your buttocks will retain long-term. Even if you gain or lose weight, your buttocks should change in proportion to your body.

Dr. Bruno advises Beverly Hills butt augmentation patients who are considering the procedure to meet with his practice to discuss their questions. It can be particularly valuable to see the before-and-after photos of Beverly Hills butt augmentation patients. Use these pictures as a guideline of what you can expect from your own procedure. Dr. Bruno can explain how your specific body type and goals can contribute to the outcome.

To schedule an initial butt augmentation consultation with William Bruno Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, call (310) 905-8961.