Are you finally ready to take the plunge, and get a sexier rear end? If so, you’ve probably been researching the various butt augmentation options that are available in Beverly Hills, including butt implants, a traditional butt lift and the increasingly popular Brazilian butt lift. As you’ve been researching the best butt enhancement options, you may have even found some people talking about PMMA buttock injections. And you’re probably wondering, which of these procedures is the safest option for me?

A Warning from Dr. Bruno About PMMA Buttock Injections

Dr. Bruno has years of experience as a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, and he is very educated on all of the procedures mentioned above. And based on his experience, Dr. Bruno does not recommend PMMA buttock injections, whether you’re having your procedure done in Beverly Hills or elsewhere.

PMMA stands for polymethyl-methacrylate and is also called Artefill. It’s composed of 20% of tiny PMMA microspheres suspended in 80% collagen. PMMA comes in a 1 cc syringe and in the US can vary in cost from about $800 to $1,000. The product is FDA approved for certain uses, such as injecting into deep wrinkles and folds of the face. But, it’s not FDA approved for buttock injections. Even if it were FDA approved, the amount of PMMA that comes in a syringe is a very small amount, and it would take several syringes – and cost a significant amount of money – to make any noticeable difference in the buttocks.

Despite the warnings of experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Bruno and the FDA, some patients travel outside of Beverly Hills to Mexico or countries in South America for PMMA buttock injections where the cost of PMMA is cheaper. Not only is this a dangerous decision, but these patients are also often disappointed with the results they receive from their PMMA buttock injections.

Brazilian Butt Lift – The Safest Butt Augmentation Option

If you’re looking for a more sculpted butt, the safest way to achieve it is by way of fat injections. This is why Brazilian butt lifts are so popular. With a Brazilian butt lift, your fat is liposuctioned out of problem areas, such as the abdomen, love handles or thighs, and then it’s injected into the buttocks to give them a rounded, fuller look.

A Brazilian butt lift has a relatively easy recovery timeline. Immediately after the procedure, you can’t sit on your buttocks. You can use pillows under your thighs to modify your seated position, or sit on your side.  You must take 2 months off of your exercise regime so that the fat can settle into your buttocks. After that, you’re ready to show off your new, firmer butt in your tightest jeans in Beverly Hills! And not only is a Brazilian butt lift the safest butt augmentation option, patients rarely notice a change in their results unless they lose or gain a significant amount of weight.

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