A: Weight loss after breast lift

If you lose weight after a breast lift (mastopexy), your results may be affected. This is a difficult question to answer without seeing your breasts or without knowing how much weight you plan to lose. In general, the best time to have any cosmetic breast procedure is when you are at a stable body weight. If you have a breast lift and your weight decreases, the skin and tissue of your breast may change and ultimately compromise your result. In addition to weight fluctuations, gravity and aging in general will also affect your breast contour.

Some women’s breast size/shape changes noticeably with minimal weight changes (5-10 pounds), where other women don’t see much change even if their weight fluctuates by more than 15 or 20 pounds.

Each patient must be evaluated individually to determine more accurately the effects that weight change will have on their breasts.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno