I had buttock implants, but I had problems with them, where the left one fell out of the muscle and had to be repositioned twice. Around 6 months ago, I had them removed. My right buttock has now returned to normal, but my left one is very empty and flat. Is this damage permanent, or can I still expect it to return to normal in time? Is there anything that can be done for this?

A: buttock shape after implant removal

If you have had previous buttock implants which have since been removed, you may need a fat transfer to improve the contour.  There may be a depression or indentation that needs to be filled in, the best way to do that is to remove fat from one area (ex. abdomen) and transfer it to your buttock.  This technique is commonly used to augment the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift), however in your case it can be used to restore your buttock shape to it’s “pre-implant” shape.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno