I would like to have a breast lift done, but apparently I am a freak of nature and get into an embarrassing situation at times and I’m not sure if the surgery would cause a problem. I had my last child 18 years ago but I still lactate sometimes. Would this cause any problems or heaven forbid get any worse if I decide to have this done?

A: Breast Lift and lactating

Please consult with your primary care physician or gynecologist to determine the cause of your lactation. There are some medications you could take to treat or minimize this. This could be a potential issue with infection if you decide to proceed with a breast lift. It would certainly be a concern if you decide to have breast implants with a lift (infection and scar tissue risk).

A breast lift (mastopexy) is elective, so you and your doctors have time to diagnose this concern and treat it prior to cosmetic surgery