Women who visit Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno for a Mommy Makeover consultation come from all stages of motherhood. Some have recently decided they are done having children and have decided they want to reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies. Others have older children but have decided it’s time to make some physical changes to their breasts, abdomen and stubborn fatty deposits that don’t respond to diet or exercise.

Since all childbirth deliveries and women are different, some of the potential Mommy Makeover patients who visit Dr. Bruno for a mommy makeover consultation in his Beverly Hills office have had Caesarean Sections (C-Sections) or even hysterectomies in the past. And many of these women wonder, “Will my C-Section or hysterectomy prevent me from having a Mommy Makeover or affect my results?”

A Mommy Makeover is Safe for Moms Who’ve Had C-Sections and/or Hysterectomies

Whether you’ve had a C-section, a hysterectomy or both, it’s important for Beverly Hills women to know that, if they are in good general health, their prior surgeries don’t exclude them from having a mommy makeover. In fact, Dr. Bruno performs tummy tucks and Mommy Makeovers on many women who have had these surgeries every year. It is important, though, that you disclose these prior abdominal surgeries to Dr. Bruno during your initial consultation with him, and that you provide full details of your surgical and other medical history, including any complications you may have had from these procedures. This is to ensure that you are a healthy candidate for a Mommy Makeover.

A Mommy Makeover May Even Improve the Appearance of/or Totally Remove Your C-Section or Hysterectomy Scar

Depending on the location of your C-section and/or hysterectomy scar, it’s possible that the tummy tuck portion can utilize your prior surgery scar as your tummy tuck incision site. This means you won’t be left with two scars on your abdomen, but only one. For other Beverly Hills moms who have loose and excess abdominal skin, it’s possible that the skin excised during a tummy tuck will entirely remove their prior surgery scar, again leaving them with only the under-the-bikini-line tummy tuck scar.

Dr. Bruno Can Still Stitch Up Your Abdominal Muscles if You Have Had a C-Section and/or Hysterectomy

One of the leading reasons that Beverly Hills Moms seek out a tummy tuck as part of their Mommy Makeover surgery is that they have a pooch in their abdomen that just won’t go away, despite diet and exercise. This is caused by diastasis recti, frequently called separated abdominal muscles, which cause your belly to protrude. Separated abdominal muscles can be repaired, and you can achieve a flatter abdomen by having Dr. Bruno stitch and tighten up your abdominal muscles. And the great news is that, even if you’ve had a C-section and/or hysterectomy in the past, you can still have your abdominal muscles stitched up!

Call Dr. Bruno’s Office with Any Questions

If you’ve had prior abdominal surgery and have questions about a Mommy Makeover, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Bruno himself. During this appointment, he’ll take your full medical history, perform an examination of your problem areas, listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

To schedule this appointment, call us today.