Many Beverly Hills women want to have a curvier behind and have purposefully sought out plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno’s assistance to achieve one via a procedure known as fat transfer to buttocks. This surgery, which consists of harvesting fat cells via liposuction, processing the fat cells, and then injecting them into the patient’s bottom, has proven to be very effective for many of Dr. Bruno’s patients*. There are several reasons that this procedure works so well for so many Southern California residents, which we’ll discuss below.

A Fat Transfer to Buttocks Is Great Because It Uses Your Body’s Own Fat

One of the reasons that a fat transfer to buttocks works so well is that it uses your body’s own fat, not donor fat from another individual. This is a very important aspect of the surgery. You see, your body is very, very smart. When your harvested fat cells are injected into your bottom, your body recognizes them as belonging to itself and allows your bottom’s blood vessels to create connections with the injected fat, so a new blood supply can be created.

If donor fat were to be used, though, it’d be a whole different story. You see, your body can tell the difference between your fat and someone else’s fat. And someone else’s fat is instantly recognized as a foreign object. This makes your body’s immune system turn it up a notch, and attack and kill that donor fat. This means, using donor fat for a Beverly Hills fat transfer to buttocks procedure isn’t an option. Your body will simply kill off the donor fat, rendering the procedure ineffective.

A Fat Transfer to Buttocks Is Effective Because Your Body Creates a Blood Supply to the Injected Fat

We hinted at this in the section above, but now we’ll discuss it in detail. You see, when you have transferred fat injected into your buttocks, it doesn’t have its own blood supply. But because your body recognizes this fat as belonging to itself, your body allows your bottom’s blood vessels to connect to the injected fat, allowing it to live and thrive, giving you the curvier look you desire.

A Fat Transfer to Buttocks Allows Dr. Bruno to Strategically Inject Fat

Every Beverly Hills woman’s desires for a fat transfer to buttocks procedure is different. Some patients are unhappy with a bottom that has always been too flat. Others desire to even out their top half by adding hourglass curves below. Whatever your unique goals, a fat transfer to buttocks allows plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno to strategically inject fat to your desired area to give you the results you want and meet your surgical goals*.

Learn More About a Fat Transfer to Buttocks Procedure

If you live in or around Beverly Hills and are interested in a fat transfer to buttocks procedure, the best thing you can do is schedule an initial consultation with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno himself. During this first appointment, he’ll talk to you about your problem areas and surgical goals, evaluate your buttocks and potential fat donor sites at which liposuction may be performed, and prepare an individualized treatment plan just for you!

To schedule an initial consultation today, call Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills office.

*Individual results may vary.