If your buttocks don’t have the kind of perky, ample curves that you want, it’s probably something that you notice every single day. Your pants may not fit right, your bathing suit may not have the shape you want, and your sense of self-esteem can take a serious hit because of it. But other than exercising your rear end with painful and strenuous workouts, what options are there for patients whose genetics left them with a flat, square-shaped behind?

For our patients who weren’t blessed with a full, voluptuous behind, there are a couple of different surgical options–including the butt lift. Beverly Hills patients that are interested in a butt lift should call Dr. Bruno today.

Our patients love the breathtaking and natural-looking results that they get when they work with Dr. Bruno. Just take a look at our Before-and-After butt lift pictures to see for yourself. Not only is Dr. Bruno a well-recognized and board-certified plastic surgeon, but he’s also quickly becoming one of the most in-demand doctors in Beverly Hills. His incredible kindness and compassion help our patients feel an unparalleled sense of comfort and ease when they meet with Dr. Bruno. On top of that, his dedication to precision and the art and science of surgery has made Dr. Bruno a rising star in the field of plastic surgery. Contact us today to get started.

What Are My Options For a Butt Lift?

Beverly Hill patients have a couple of options when it comes to a butt lift.

Butt Lift with Fat Transfer

The butt lift with fat transfer to the buttocks is more commonly referred to as a Brazilian butt lift. Beverly Hills patients love this procedure. It is by far the most popular, safest, and most reliable option for several reasons.

  • Sculpt the body first – The Brazilian butt lift starts with liposuction. Dr. Bruno removes fat from one area of the body and injects it into the buttocks. Usually, Dr. Bruno takes fat from the thighs, hips or love handle area, and tummy. This gives him the chance to sculpt these areas to be sleeker and slimmer, so patients end up with a more attractive figure as well.
  • Use your own fat – After liposuction, Dr. Bruno sterilizes and processes the fat before it gets injected into the buttocks. Because patients use their own fat, there is very little risk of rejection and failure.
  • Natural results – From there, Dr. Bruno injects the fat into the existing fat layer on the buttocks to create the look that the patient wants. Since it’s fat, the results feel natural and look fantastic.

Gluteal Implants

The other option is gluteal implants. With this option, Dr. Bruno inserts silicone implants underneath the muscles in the buttocks. This option is great for patients that may not have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift.

Beverly Hills men and women have been able to get absolutely life-changing results with a butt lift from Dr. Bruno. The sense of confidence that our patients get afterward is more than you can imagine. Call us today to get started!