Having healthy and prominent buttocks is quickly becoming one of the most envied qualities for both men and women. While some patients talk to us about getting a rear-end like Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian, most of our patients aren’t sure what size buttocks will look best on them. One of Dr. Bruno’s favorite parts of his job is getting to talk with new patients about what they want their body to look like. During these discussions, Dr. Bruno can help patients figure out exactly what size buttocks would help them achieve their desired body shape. One of the most popular procedures for increasing the size of the buttocks is called a Brazilian butt lift. West Hollywood patients can use fat from their own body to enhance the appearance of their buttocks.

But the truth is that your “right size” all depends on you. In fact, there are a few factors that will go into determining how large a buttocks you can actually get with a procedure like the Brazilian butt lift. West Hollywood patients can read on to learn more about those factors and what patients can do about them. If you’re interested in getting started or if you just have questions, call Dr. Bruno today at (310) 461-3855. We also have a patient photo gallery of Brazilian butt lift results that you can explore as well.

How Large to Go with a Brazilian Butt Lift

West Hollywood patients often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to plastic surgery. The same is true with the Brazilian butt lift procedure. Dr. Bruno spends a lot of time talking with patients about what their goals are and what they should expect from the results. For the Brazilian butt lift, West Hollywood patients first need to think through a few considerations about which size might be right for them.

  • Do you have enough fat? One consideration that many patients don’t think of is that they may not have enough fat for the procedure. Patients that want to get a large buttocks but don’t have enough fat may have to actually gain a significant amount of weight in order to have enough fat for the procedure.
  • How much fat can your buttocks handle? Another issue is how much fat the buttocks can actually For West Hollywood women that have a small frame or thin hips, this may be much smaller than what they would like. Sometimes, the procedure can be done in two steps to allow for more fat to be added.
  • How will a large buttocks impact your overall body shape? Finally, Dr. Bruno is an expert in helping people achieve their desired body shape. Many patients come in wanting to get too much or too little fat injected into their buttocks. For patients that want to achieve a natural look, Dr. Bruno can help you determine which size is right for you based on your body.

Why Work with Dr. Bruno

One of the things that set Dr. Bruno apart is his devotion to honesty and transparency. Our West Hollywood patients love how open, kind, and compassionate Dr. Bruno is during all of their consultations. You will know what’s going on at every step and Dr. Bruno will make sure you have all of the information you need to make a confident decision. But most importantly, our patients love the gorgeous and natural-looking results that they get. Just take a look at our patient reviews page to see what kind of experience you can expect with us.

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