I had a botched surgery that left me with horrible scars around my face and ears. Is scar revision surgery my only option for improving the scars? Are scar revisions usually successful surgeries?

A: Scar revision surgery

There are generally three outcomes when considering revising a scar. The scar could be better, worse, or the same. The type of scar (surgical, burn,etc.) and the location of the scar (face, abdomen,etc.)plays a role in whether your result will be favorable or not. Typically, raised, thickened scars (hypertrophic scars) can be surgically excised and reclosed under minimal tension to create a thinner, flat scar. These types or scars generally have better outcomes than keloids, which are raised thickened scars which grow beyond the borders of the original incision or scar. Keloids can be very difficult to treat and ofter require multiple excisions, steroid injections, topical silicone, and radiation-as a last resort.

Other types of scars which are more superficial can be treated with laser resurfacing, chemical peels and other less invasive techniques.

It is difficult to recommend scar treatment without actually seeing the scar.

I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to determine the best approach to your particular scar.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno