just wondering how to set my expectations about a chin implant procedure

A: What can a chin implant do

A chin implant can provide overall facial harmony to someone who has a “weak” or recessed chin.  This procedure is typically performed through a small external incision just underneath the chin and heals remarkably well.  The chin implant is a synthetic device (medpor or silicone) and creates an improvement in the projection of a patient’s chin; which is most obvious in the profile view.

A chin implant can also be combined with a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to further improve a patient’s facial balance and profile.

One of the most accurate ways to determine if a chin implant is right for you is to have 3D computerized imaging done which can simulate what you may look like with various types of chin sizes; we recently acquired this technology and it is extremely helpful for patients to visualize their results.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno