can a eyelid doctor explain blehparoplasty and how it works

A: what is blepharoplasty(eyelid surgery)

Blepharoplasty is a term used to describe a cosmetic procedure to create a more youthful appearing eyelid.  This involves removal of excess skin with minimal fat removal/repositioning.  This can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids depending on the patient’s needs.  The surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under either local or general anesthesia.  Not all blepharoplasties are the same and need to be tailored to the patient’s specific anatomic needs.  Be sure to review a complete history with your surgeon regarding your eyes (trauma, contact lens use, previous surgery, history of dry eyes, history or watery eyes, etc.)

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling a blepharoplasty.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno