Ah, the joy of becoming a mother! Giving birth is one of the most amazing moments in life, and in those first few months, the only thing you’re concerned with is loving on your new baby. You’re not even worried about the changes your body has gone through. Until one day – you are. You begin to notice that “things” did not go back to their former position and that extra skin hanging from your belly has started to become a bit annoying.

So, what’s the solution? Don’t lose hope. If you’ve tried dieting and exercising but can’t seem to lose those last few inches of skin around your tummy, Hollywood’s Dr. Bruno can help through a tummy tuck procedure.

How a Tummy Tuck Works

While some people in Hollywood may try to make you believe that you can eventually workout enough to get rid of the excess skin hanging from your belly after giving birth, the truth is, you can’t exercise away skin. The only way to remedy this problem is to have it surgically removed during a tummy tuck surgery.

This procedure takes 2-3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility. Dr. Bruno begins by making an incision just above the pubic bone area. This incision is horizontal and travels from hip to hip across the abdomen. While this is a long incision, it’s needed in order to give Dr. Bruno the access he needs to remove the excess skin hanging from your belly.

After he has removed this skin, Dr. Bruno will then get to work repairing your abdominal muscles. One of the most common conditions caused by pregnancy is diastasis recti, or separated abdominal muscles. To provide his Hollywood patients with a tight, flat stomach, Dr. Bruno uses a series of specialized sutures to reposition and stabilize the abdominal muscles to their proper location. By surgically tightening this area, he is able to give strength and support to the abdominal muscles.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Tummy Tuck With Dr. Bruno?

If you know you’re ready to get rid of that excess skin hanging from your belly, the first thing you need to do is make an appointment to visit with Dr. Bruno in Hollywood to discuss the tummy tuck procedure. During your initial consultation, he will fully examine your abdomen and talk to you about your entire medical history. This is needed in order to find out if you are an ideal can date for elective plastic surgery.

Dr. Bruno has strict criteria for his potential tummy tuck patients to meet in order to ensure their overall health and well-being during surgery. These requirements include:

  • Having a stable weight
  • Being in good overall physical and psychological health, and being cleared to have elective surgery by your general practitioner
  • Listening to Dr. Bruno explain the tummy tuck procedure to you and communicating back to him that you understand the details of the procedure
  • Showing that you have realistic expectations for your surgery based on your individualized treatment plan

Get Rid Of That Excess Skin! Choose Dr. Bruno For Your Tummy Tuck.

Dr. Bruno is a top board-certified plastic surgeon in the Hollywood area and has been providing amazing results for his patients for more than a decade.

If you’re ready to get your body back, call his office today to get started on your tummy tuck journey!