liposuction cause nerve damage possibly? what about cellulite? a list of possible side effects is very helpful

A: Most common Liposuction side effect is irregular contour

The most common side effect after liposuction is an irregular contour to the skin. There can be uneven areas with some minor depressions or bumps if the suctioning is performed too close to the surface of the skin or if the patient’s skin has poor elasticity or stretch marks. The chances of having a small area of irregular contour is about 10%, but this varies depending upon skin tone and surgeon technique. Sometimes this can be corrected by performing a fat transfer to “fill in” a small depressed area. However, if an area has significant irregularity, it may not be correctable.

Other less common side effects include, temporary numbness, asymmetry, poor scarring or prolonged bruising.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to planning any liposuction procedure.