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So you’re unhappy with your breasts, and you’ve started doing some research. One of the first questions that women will begin thinking about is the size of their implant. But as you begin to understand more about the breast augmentation procedure, you’ll inevitably start hearing more about the placement of breast implants. Beverly Hills patients will have a long conversation with Dr. Bruno about this particular subject because it involves whether the implant will be placed underneath the chest muscle or above it. This is a tricky question to answer in a blog post. But we’re going to explore some of the pros and cons to each placement and talk about some of the things that Dr. Bruno looks at in making a recommendation on this topic.

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Placement Options for Breast Implants

Beverly Hills patients have two options when it comes to breast implant placement: subglandular and submuscular. Subglandular means the implant is placed on top of the chest muscle. Submuscular means the implant is placed underneath the chest muscle. There are pros and cons to each option, and there are patients that are candidates for one option but not the other.

Submuscular Implant Placement

With this option, the breast implant is placed underneath the chest muscle. This does two things: it hides the implant very well, so patients get the volume without people immediately knowing you have breast implants. Beverly Hills patients that get submuscular placement usually enjoy a very natural shape to the top slope of the breast.

The submuscular option is sometimes the only option for patients that do not have a lot of breast tissue.

Subglandular Implant Placement

With this placement option, the breast implant is placed on top of the chest muscle but underneath the breast tissue, hence the “subglandular” name. This option has one significant advantage over submuscular. With a submuscular placement, when the chest muscle contracts it squeezes the breast implants. Beverly Hills women will notice that this contraction can move the implant or flatten it and change the shape of the breast. Patients that get their implant on top of the muscle will not have this issue.

Obviously, women don’t want their implants to move when their chest muscles contract. However, this option is not available for all patients. Patients need to have sufficient breast tissue to “hide” the implant. Without enough breast tissue, the implant will not look natural. On average, patients with close to a B cup could be candidates for subglandular placement above the muscle.

But the best way to determine if you can get subglandular or submuscular implant placement is to call Dr. Bruno today. During your consultations, Dr. Bruno will spend a lot of time discussing your options for every single step of the process. We can’t wait to help you get started!