I am 5 foot 3 and weigh 130 pounds. Would I have to lose weight to get a Tummy Tuck? I have a pouch for a belly and with stretch marks. I also have stretch mars on the belly button.

A: weight loss before tummy tuck

The best time for a tummy tuck is when you are at a stable weight, which should close to your ideal weight. More important than the actual number though is the distribution of your weight. Some patients carry a significant portion of their weight intra-abdominally, meaning they have deeper fat on the “inside”, this type of fat does not respond to lipo or tummy tuck. These types of patients would benefit from weight loss prior to tummy tuck in order to have a more natural contour and result.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling your tummy tuck.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno