Hello, my question regards to what I can do about a weak jawline. I am 22 years old and have been extremely self conscious about my profile for many years. I am so embarrassed when I see a photo of me taken of the side of my face… I always look awful. I am tired of feeling this way and want to know if there is anything I can do. Any research into this shows me solutions for more mature skin’s sagging, which I am not sure is a suitable solution for me as my issue is not age related (or rather the skin losing elasticity over time), since I have never had a good jawline. I would like to try to avoid a chin implant if possible, as many that I have seen look very unnatural, but I would like to hear any and all options I have.

Is “pulling up” the skin between my jawbone and neck a solution/option? Also, I am not really looking for a subtle change, but I don’t think an overly prominent chin is the answer either. I really want the sharp and elegant jawlines as seen on other women! Is there any way? Thank you so much for reading this, any and all help is greatly appreciated as I yearn for a solution that will bring me more confidence.

William Bruno, MD answers: Weak jawline - Solutions for a young woman?

A: Chin implant

You are a good candidate for a chin implant. This will improve your profile and give more harmony to the profile and chin-nose relationship. You do not need a neck lift of any skin removal/tightening surgery. The incision for a chin implant is under your chin, only a few centimeters in length,and heals quite well. There are very few complications with this procedure and it can have a powerful impact on your profile.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, who may be able to show you a computer generated image of you potential profile.