A: tummy tuck scars

The location of the incision and resulting scar of a tummy tuck should be reviewed carefully with your surgeon prior to surgery.  Generally the scar will be quite low, just above the pubic hair, and extend from one hip to the other.  I typically will have patients wear normal underwear or swimwear the day of surgery so that an outline can be made then the incision is made within the boundaries of the undergarment.  Some patients will have a natural crease which will be used to conceal the extent of the incision.

The final scar thickness and color can vary depending on a patient’s age, ethnicity, nutrition, genetics and previous pregnancies.  Scars generally take from 12-18 months to fully heal and mature (lighten and flatten).  There are several effective silicone based topical scar creams which can help expedite the healing process.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno