I am a 50 year old Asian. Have consulted a plastic surgery regarding removal of eye bag. He recommends me to do a transconjunctival eyelid surgery (incision inside) because there is not much excess skin to remove. In addition, he suggested a fat transfer to correct hollow sunken eye area after removing the eye bag.

Is internal incision eye bag surgery a better option compared with external incision and is recovery is much faster? Does it also make sense to transfer fat immediately after the surgery to correct hollow and sunken eye?

Your input is appreciated.

A: lower eyelid surgery

The treatment of your lower eyelids depends on the anatomic abnormality. Often times patients will describe “bags” under their eyes, which can be many different things. The fat may be removed very conservatively, but what may be more critical, is to reposition the fat so as to regain a smooth lower eyelid to cheek transition. A photo would be very helpful to help diagnose your condition and render a reasonable treatment plan.

This area of the face is very unforgiving, and I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area prior to scheduling any procedures.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno