What will breast implants look like on me?

Many women want to know what they will look like with breast implants. This can be difficult for patients to visualize or imagine until the actual surgery is performed. Fortunately we offer 3D imaging before breast augmentation in Beverly Hills that can display what you may look like with various sizes of breast implants-before you have surgery. The process only takes a few minutes and… READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: How to choose the right size

One of the most common questions patients ask during a breast augmentation consultation has to do with selecting the right size breast implant. Although patients look at many photos online and in before and after books, they just can’t seem to visualize how they may look. Patients can also try on the various sizes breast implants in a bra which gives them some idea, but… READ MORE

Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills with Dr.Bruno

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the US. Most women these days are choosing silicone implants due to the more natural feel compared to saline implants. Many women are unsure of what size implant they should choose. Dr.Bruno offers 3D imaging for his patients which simulates what they may look like before actually having surgery. This can be done in a… READ MORE