With Regards to Breast implants, is it better to go under the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle?

By far the best way to insert a breast implant is under the chest (pectoral) muscle. This technique gives a more natural look and makes it easier to breast feed after surgery if a patient desires to do so. The risk of capsular contracture (scar tissue) is also lower when implants are placed under the muscle compared to over the muscle. The interpretation of mammograms… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation: what are the options for the incision?

[videobreastaug] There are four ways in which to insert a breast implant: 1.Armpit (axilla) 2.Areola (nipple) 3.Inframammary (breast crease) 4.Transumbilical (belly button) The incision through the axilla hides the scar in the armpit crease. This approach can be difficult to insert larger silicone breast implants. If you should need a revision in the future, this approach can have limited access and you may need a… READ MORE