If I get breast implants, will I lose any feeling in my nipples or breasts?

The risk of decreased nipple sensation with breast augmentation surgery is roughly 10%. This is unrelated to the incision chosen to insert the implant and more related to the creation of the pocket for the implant. Most patients have some temporary numbness which improves in a few weeks, however, there are some patients who may experience permanent loss of nipple sensation. Usually during the procedure,… READ MORE

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover surgery involves a breast procedure (implants with or without a lift) and an abdominal procedure (usually a tummy tuck). Patients who do not plan to have any more children are good candidates for  this procedure. Women who have loose abdominal skin and breast skin can have both areas treated at the same time. Breast implants Beverly Hills can restore the lost breast… READ MORE

What will breast implants look like on me?

Many women want to know what they will look like with breast implants. This can be difficult for patients to visualize or imagine until the actual surgery is performed. Fortunately we offer 3D imaging before breast augmentation in Beverly Hills that can display what you may look like with various sizes of breast implants-before you have surgery. The process only takes a few minutes and… READ MORE

Which breast implant is best?

Most patients in my practice will choose a silicone gel breast implant over saline because of its more natural feel. This does not necessarily mean that silicone is superior to saline. The vast majority of patients select silicone breast implants because they prefer the feel of silicone compared to saline.  They both look very similar once surgically inserted, however, silicone does feel more natural. Some… READ MORE

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation: what are the options for the incision?

[videobreastaug] There are four ways in which to insert a breast implant: 1.Armpit (axilla) 2.Areola (nipple) 3.Inframammary (breast crease) 4.Transumbilical (belly button) The incision through the axilla hides the scar in the armpit crease. This approach can be difficult to insert larger silicone breast implants. If you should need a revision in the future, this approach can have limited access and you may need a… READ MORE