I’m considering Breast Implant with Breast lift since aging impact and having baby left me with flat breast with loose skin no volume on top. I hate the look of my saggy deflated breast at the age of 37 with small frame and not much breast tissue and thin skin.

I’m confused which one would be best to choose silicone or saline as far as safety, complication, price, pain, and age is considered. What is most important to keep in mind while choosing implants? Thnx for your help.

A: Saline vs silicone implants in small, thin frame

If you have thin skin overlying your breast and don’t have a lot of breast tissue, you may be better served with a silicone breast implant. The reason for this is the lower incidence of rippling and wrinkling which occurs with silicone compared to saline. The saline implant has about a 15-20% chance of rippling vs. 1-2% rippling with silicone. This would be my primary concern in a thin patient without much breast tissue.

Please visit a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss this issue in more detail prior to scheduling breast augmentation.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno