need to know more about the safety and whether doctors now recommend getting silicone breast implants

A: Silicone breast implants safety

Silicone breast implants are absolutely safe. There has never been a study to show that silicone breast implants cause any health risks, cancer or otherwise. Even in the event that a silicone implant ruptures, this poses no health risks. In the U.S., silicone breast implants were restricted by the FDA from 1992 until 2006. After nearly 15 years of scrutinizing silicone implants, the conclusion is that they are safe, and have always been safe. Other countries throughout the world continued to use silicone breast implants during that time period, and all those women remain safe.

Please discuss this issue further with a board certified plastic surgeon for more details regarding silicone breast implants.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno