I am originally from Brazil, and the doctors in BR told me that they use these implants for a long time and they are very comfortable working with them, the implants also cost less there.

I live in Idaho, there are not doctors in my area conducting clinical studies. Should I go ahead and travel to BR? I can stay in BR for 20 or 30 days – Any advice is truly appreciated. I would prefer to have it done here in USA (closer) but can’t find a doctor.

A: surgery outside of the country

If you choose to have surgery outside of the US, you will have difficulty receiving adequate follow up care.  You can find a surgeon in the US who is involved with the clinical trials for the cohesive gel implants and this way ensure having good followup.  Although it’s tempting to have surgery out of the US, I can not advise this.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in the US regarding cohesive gel implants.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno