I got Saline Breast Implants 6 months ago. My doctor did a good job. However, my left breast is slightly less full in projection as well as in width. He said it’s so slight he recommented not to do anything. He is willing to fill the left breast with a little more saline. That will give me the projection, but it also it might narrow wideness. Can we fill the right breast as well to achieve the best match?

A: Perfect breast symmetry is not possible with breast


All women have some degree of breast asymmetry, both in size and shape.  After breast augmentation, some patients may notice this subtle difference even more because of the increase in size.  Although your surgeon can attempt to correct the size difference by using two different volumes of implants, the final result may still have a slight asymmetry.  Going back in to perform a surgical revision by adding or removing volume does carry a small risk of capsular contracture (hardened scar tissue) which itself could lead to more surgery.

My opinion is to do nothing at this point.

However, you can always seek out a second opinion by a board certified plastic surgeon if you are uncertain.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno