I have Mentor saline implants filled to 375 CC, the procedure done in 2004. I have been quite happy with my breasts and the implants, but lately, as I approach menopause, I’m wishing for somewhat smaller breasts! Can I have, say, 100 or 150 cc of the saline removed from the implants, or will I need to have complete removal and replacement with smaller implants?

A: Changing size of breast implants

If you currently have 375cc saline implants and would like to end up with 225-275cc you will definitely need new implants as the implants can only be filled to a certain volume. Ex. your 375 cc implant can be filled from 350-375, but it can’t be deflated all the way down into the 225-275cc range.

Converting from 375cc to 225-275cc could possibly leave you with some excess skin or possibly affect your nipple position. You should be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the need, if any, of a potential breast lift, or to decided if the procedure needs to be staged, i.e. first remove the larger implants then a few months later, after the skin has contracted a bit, replace with smaller implants thus avoiding the additional scars that a lift may require.

Best wishes!