I like my nose overall, but I’m not happy with the front view. I think it’s too wide from base to nostril. Also it spreads and droops when I smile. I would like a narrower nose, a pointier tip and smaller nostrils, more like Monica Bellucci’s nose. Is it possible, or do I run a high risk of it looking too fake?

William Bruno, MD answers: Rhinoplasty to Improve Front View of Nose?

A: rhinoplasty can improve the frontal view of your nose

Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) can decrease the width of your nasal bones and nasal tip to give a more refined appearance in the frontal view.  These changes will also be somewhat noticeable in the lateral or profile view as well.  I find the best and most accurate way of showing these changes to a patient pre-surgery is to perform computerized 3D imaging.  This method will show the patient what they may look like before the surgery to ensure that both surgeon and patient have the same artistic goals.

As long as the changes made are not too drastic and maintain harmony with the rest of your face, you should not look like you had surgery.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss in detail your specific expectations and desires.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno