Seriously, a 5 star plastic surgeon? In LA? I found it hard to believe. Add to it, his patients go NUTS about their results on Realself (don’t you just love what you can find with a quick search on the internet???)
I needed my Botox updated, so I thought I would give this 5 star dr a try. OK, I get it now. He’s that good.
When I entered his picture-esque office I was greeted by a friendly woman at the front desk. The office was clean and white with gorgeous views of the city. It felt more like an upscale boutique than a doctor’s office. It was nice and calming. So, yeah, the cleanliness of the office scored major points with me.
Dr Bruno was delightful. He was gentle and deliberate, leaving me totally at ease as he stuck needles into my face just millimeters away from my eyeballs.
Now I’m dreaming of having of one of his BBL’s. This is the kind of surgeon I want operating on me. For sure.
And this is why I read yelp reviews: to find the gems like Dr Bruno.