This review is about my BA consultation only. I have not had my BA yet, but when I do, I will be back to review on that.

Dr. Bruno was my 4th and my last PS to go for consultation. I am SO happy I found him, almost like a relief compared to my previous 3. The only other one I liked from those three was my first PS that I’d consulted with. The other two were seemingly too eager to get me out of the office, to rush in the next. I felt like I am only worth dollar signs. Not only that, they were not quite as responsive towards my concerns, so that worried me when doctors do not listen to understand. Mix that with an arrogant persona, that’s a no-no for me.

Dr. Bruno was not like that. He was calm, collective, and he listened very carefully to my concerns. He knew where I went wrong by my personal accounts of implants. I guess I said something that renders my lack of knowledge, and he corrected me, to which I was very grateful for. I echo the others here that he is a very compassionate doctor and seemingly very skilled at what he does.

The two ladies at the front, Joselle and Marisol, were wonderful! They were helpful and understanding of my questions and concerns. Marisol was especially helpful in helping me to decide which size I could go for.

Thank you, Dr. Bruno and to your staff. My consultation experience was exceptional, comfortable, and I was at ease about everything. I am confident that he will do a wonderfully artistic job once I get my BA done!