Los Angeles/ Beverly Hills is the plastic surgery capital of the world; it’s also the entertainment capital of the world. I work in the entertainment industry, and for ten years of working in the film industry; I’ve seen a lot of boob jobs. The good, the bad, the ugly. I had been wanting a boob job since I was 18 and realized my A cup boobs would never get any bigger. There’s probably 500 board certified plastic surgeons in town, and I may hold one of the records for having the most consults ever, 13 to be exact in three months on making the decision to find the very best plastic surgeon in town, and I personally believe Dr. Bruno is the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. I come from a medical family and knew a lot about doctors and surgery. I wanted to absolutely make sure I was picking a doctor who one, does excellent work but two, actually CARES about his patients. Four doctors I could easily dismiss for being completely crazy and driven by greed, patients as numbers, looking for their next addicted victim, and boosting their ego and name all over television and the media as a celebrity doctor. I wanted a doctor like my family back home, not the guy who wants to be on Oprah or The Doctors on a weekly basis and commit to tv shows as medical personality. Although all plastic surgeons in this town of course cater to press as it’s a business. But there’s a difference between caring more about yourself as a public ego; than being a doctor and doing good quality work.

I ended up narrowing it down to four doctors out of 13 that basically were good hearted human beings that stood by the Hippocratic Oath they took, and Dr. Bruno became number one, because he CARED THE MOST. While other doctors bragged about themselves the entire consult, he never did. He listened to me and went over all my concerns. I had researched this procedure and my decision down to every pro and con. I read the manufacture guides, MD lawsuit checks, the statistics of sickness, complications, types of implants. Honestly, the very moment I had my consultation with him; I knew Dr. Bruno was the one, because after many sleepless nights of worry/fear about doing this, I became confident and calm in my decision when I met him. He reassured me but was also very HONEST in everything I had researched AND while other surgeons had been very DISMISSIVE of my end result goals of how BIG I wanted to be (which was modest btw- C Cup), he was realistic about the cons of cc sizing but was willing to go with what I visioned for my body. Other surgeons said they would make the decision completely for me without a small range, or weren’t listening to my decision that I absolutely wanted high profile instead of round. I knew that Dr. Bruno would not put in something we hadn’t discussed and he would do his ABSOLUTE best to satisfy my vision of the boobs I wanted AND HE WOULD DO QUALITY WORK. I was also reassured that if something went wrong, he would stand by his work as a surgeon and revise for free if necessary, and while most surgeons agree to this, some point blank do not!

He is a doctor, doctor as I say. Someone who became a doctor for the love of helping people and not driven by other factors. I can see in him that he truly wants his patients to be happy and satisfied and takes great joy in seeing his patients happy. One of the most striking things that says more about this man than the other plastic surgeons in town was when I left these consults, you usually get a folder with the price and procedure info, but some surgeons threw in their biographies or what not. Inside of Dr. Bruno’s folder was his realself/yelp reviews, real people talking about HIS WORK. Wow, that’s powerful. It says here’s me, no fancy media articles or bio, just simply: I stand by my work. That speaks volumes. Because I had no references, I was in the dark of finding a surgeon I could trust who wouldn’t give me a botched job. Surgery is a big deal, it’s a life threatening risk you take being put to sleep for anything you do, and your entrusting your life to this person for two hours and hoping you wake up and are happy with the results.

I will wrap it up by saying, I’m currently about 6 weeks post op. He was able to achieve what we agreed on and discussed making me 34A to a 34C currently with 350 cc and 375 cc high profile -as one boob was bigger naturally than the other. He did great work. I woke up with the boobs I finally wanted with even placement of the nipples and the implants. The incision marks were even looking in the infra-mammary fold. And to this date, I’ve had no problems from the surgery. He was always there for me, he called me the night of surgery and I saw him the next day. I thought I had a problem and texted him 3 days later and he immediately saw me again to make sure I was ok. He sent me a thank you card and a fruit basket in my recovery process and I see him for post care visits. I’m going to recommend him highly to anyone wanting a boob job!