THE BEST!!! I have many friends that have gone to doctor Bruno.  We all think he’s just simply the BEST plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. I’ve had a couple procedures done by him and I have to say he is very meticulous and safety is his number one concern. My results were beyond anything that I could have expected my scarring is very very minimal. Love all the staff!! I think it’s so important to share this review because there’s so many surgeons in Los Angeles and sometimes it can be confusing trying to find the right one that suits your needs. Just to give you an example when I went to have my procedure done the nurse showed me her breast lift and told me that Dr Bruno is the only surgeon that she trusted to do the procedure. She also made a point of letting me know that there are many other doctors that she works with. I think that says something about his reputation amongst other doctors and nurses. I hope  this review help you out.