Dr. William Bruno is a doctor, doctor as I say. Someone who became a doctor for the love of helping people and not driven by other factors. I can see in him that he truly wants his patients to be happy and satisfied and takes great joy in seeing his patients happy. One of the most striking things that says more about this man than the other plastic surgeons in town was when I left these consults, you usually get a folder with the price and procedure info, but some surgeons threw in their biographies or what not. Inside of Dr. Bruno’s folder was his realself/yelp reviews, real people talking about HIS WORK. Wow, that’s powerful. It says here’s me, no fancy media articles or bio, just simply: I stand by my work. That speaks volumes. Because I had no references, I was in the dark of finding a surgeon I could trust who wouldn’t give me a botched job. Surgery is a big deal, it’s a life threatening risk you take being put to sleep for anything you do, and your entrusting your life to this person for two hours and hoping you wake up and are happy with the results. I will wrap it up by saying, I’m currently about 6 weeks post op. He was able to achieve what we agreed on and discussed making me 34A to a 34C currently with 350 cc and 375 cc high profile -as one boob was bigger naturally than the other. He did great work. I woke up with the boobs I finally wanted with even placement of the nipples and the implants. The incision marks were even looking in the infra-mammary fold. And to this date, I’ve had no problems from the surgery. He was always there for me, he called me the night of surgery and I saw him the next day. I thought I had a problem and texted him 3 days later and he immediately saw me again to make sure I was ok. He sent me a thank you card and a fruit basket in my recovery process and I see him for post care visits. I’m going to recommend him highly to anyone wanting a boob job!