Dr.Bruno has been great since day one. Very honest and always tells you to consult with other doctors but after my first consultation with him I knew I wanted him to do my procedure plus his work spoke for itself. The day of surgery I arrived at the surgery center. Filled out paper work and the anesiathieoligist asked me questions and told me I was in good hands. Then Dr.Bruno came to do the markings on me so I could get ready for the procedure plus he took pictures before marking me. After that it was time to be put to sleep so he could start the process. After the procedure I woke up slight pain. That night Dr.Bruno called my boyfriend to check up on me and see how I was feeling plus I was able to talk to him too. I saw him the next day for follow up and he said everything looked great and that I’ll be able to take off my incision covers and shower. That night I kept getting bad headaches so my boyfriend texted Dr.Bruno in the early am and he replied within 5 minutes advising me to take Tylenol extra strength with no aspirin because the hydrocodiene was making me more dehydrated and sick. He advised me to just keep drinking plenty of fluids and rest. After trusting him I did as followed and felt way better. I have another follow up on October 7th hopefully everything goes well. I really appreciate Dr.Bruno and his staff.