Hello. Injected about 2 months ago. Left side shows markedly less results. When I went for follow up the Dr. tried to push Radiesse injection for cheeks in addition to doing the Restylane. Shouldn’t he have fixed the uneven results first? I am 37. I am happy with the right side but unsure what to do about the left…will there be a charge again to make both sides even? Should I try another Dr?

William Bruno, MD answers: Restylane for Tear Trough - Uneven Results

A: Fillers for tear trough area (lower eyelid)

Various fillers can be used to fill in the lower eyelid or tear trough area (restylane, juvederm, fat).  This area should be approached conservatively, as it is always easier to go back and add more filler than to remove excess product.  After the initial injection is done, it’s common for patients to need a touch up in certain areas, which is typically done a few weeks later.  Each office varies on their policy, but most will only charge you for more product if it’s needed, not for the actual injection itself. Discuss this with your physician/injector prior to the initial treatment.

Radiesse is a filler which can be used in the cheek area, but should not be used directly under the eye, in the thin eyelid skin region.

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Dr. Bruno