Every woman has heard they should love their body after pregnancy. Besides, you just gave birth to a little miracle, so your post-pregnancy body is just a result of that! But after some time passes, it’s easy for women to lose confidence and have a hard time accepting this is what their body is going to look like for a while.

Our bodies react in different ways after pregnancy, and whether or not you breastfeed your baby can play a factor. To combat this, some people choose breast implants following pregnancy, which can be a great option to immediately restore fullness and get back the size and shape they’re used to. Let’s take a look at what happens to your body after pregnancy to fully understand the process.

What Happens to Breasts After Pregnancy?

When you breastfeed, your breasts will get larger and smaller, depending on the amount of milk you have and how much your baby nurses. But when you are done breastfeeding completely, your breasts will start to go back to their original size or will lose the fullness they originally had.

Some women experience sagging breasts following pregnancy due to the stretching of the skin and ligaments that occur during pregnancy. No matter if you breastfeed or not, you will experience this stretching. But the human body is amazing, and after several months, the stretched tissue will become fat and could naturally make your breasts firmer and fuller again.

Breast Implants Can Restore Fullness and Confidence

Not every woman is lucky enough to have their breasts return to normal after pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with getting breast implants after pregnancy to help restore fullness, and most importantly, self-confidence. Sagging breasts may initially make you feel good because it reminds you of what your body went through during pregnancy. However, it’s common for that feeling to dissipate quickly, which is why many women turn to breast implants.

Each Person’s Body is Different

Although it’s difficult, all women need to understand their body is different from someone else’s. One woman’s body may look exactly like it did before pregnancy shortly after they give birth. Other women may struggle with exercising, dieting, and using other remedies to try and get their body back into shape.

Don’t let these different factors get you down! While diet and exercise could eventually restore breast fullness, getting breast implants is one of the safest and most effective ways to do so. It’s possible that your breasts will never be the same after pregnancy, but experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno can make them look nearly identical to your former breasts with breast implant surgery.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery understands what your body goes through during and after pregnancy. Having reduced breast fullness can be a serious hit to your self-confidence, but breast implants can help restore that confidence quickly.

Feel free to contact us today to set up an appointment if you are looking for options to restore the fullness in your breasts after pregnancy.