Have Mentor round moderate saline implants 325 filled to 375. I’m 5’7″, 123.6 lbs, lean, not much dense breast tissue, thin skin. Originally A cup. I work out regularly. Have rippling,wrinkling on sides, visibility & palpability. Implants under muscle. Considering switching to Mentor Memorygel moderate plus. Do I go with a smaller implant (i.e., 350cc) or go with a larger implant (i.e., 400cc or 450cc) to alleviate issues? Wouldn’t mind being slightly bigger. Doc says HP not for me.

A: How to address breast implant rippling

Since you have rippling with saline breast implants, I would recommend converting to a silicone gel implant which has a lower incidence of rippling/wrinkling.  You can also decrease the size of the implant slightly as you are relatively thin and this will help.  Furthermore, you may need a synthetic skin (acellular dermal matrix) placed in between the implant and your tissue to help camoflauge the implant, this can be done with either Strattice or Alloderm. Hard to say exactly what you need without seeing you in person, but these changes should help.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for a comprehensive exam and review of your treatment options.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno