I imagine that you can have tummy tuck scars hidden below your underpants but is this true? can i wear a bikini 1 year after tummy tuck?

Photo: Tummy tuck scars on patient shown before and 4 months after abdominoplasty

A: Tummy tuck scar

You will have a visible scar after tummy tuck, however some scars are more noticeable than others. This depends on a variety of factors such as skin tone, skin quality, genetics, and skin tension. Usually by one year however, most scars are fairly well healed and lightened in color. Patients with darker skin tone typically end up with darker scars. Some scars can even take up to 2 years to lighten.

The location of the scar is low enough that even a darker colored scar will be concealed with regular underwear or swimwear.