Chest sunk in behind nipple after Gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks ago. Will this improve any with time? Chest has very minimal fat left and sinks in when I flex pec or raise arm.

A: contour irregularity after male breast reduction

Patients can sometimes have an irregular contour on their chest after male breast reduction for gynecomastia.  This can result from aggressive liposuction or tissue removal in the area beneath the nipple/areola complex.  If this condition does not improve after 6-9 months, you may need a fat transfer to that area which involves harvesting fat from another area, such as your abdomen, and injecting it into the depressed/sunken area beneath your nipple/areola.

Since your surgery was only 3 weeks ago, I would be patient at this time and allow for the swelling to resolve and for the scar tissue to soften. Follow up closely with your plastic surgeon for now.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno