Is it possible to get a breast lift, breast implants size reduction and tummy tuck all at once? I have no natural breast tissue left, thin skin with little elasticity. I’d like to reduce my silicon 550cc down to a small implant (200-250cc) with minimal scarring.

My tummy is stretched below my belly button and it appears to be all tissue/skin. Even when I lower my body fat to 12-15%, the tummy does not improve. I’m 5’9, 30 years old and fit.

William Bruno, MD answers: Combining breast lift, implant size reduction and tummy tuck possible?

A: Combining breast implant exchange, breast lift, and tummy tuck

It is possible to combine a breast implant exchange, breast lift (mastopexy) and tummy tuck provided you are in good overall health. This should be confirmed by visiting your primary care physician and receiving medical clearance which typically involves an EKG, labs, and a comprehensive physical exam. Also, your plastic surgeon should be able to complete all the procedures in a reasonable amount of time. Whether you may need to stay at an overnight facility after the surgery is another issue to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

One important issue I would recommend discussing with your plastic surgeon is the idea of just removing your implants at this surgery (while doing the tummy tuck) and at a later time, perhaps six months later, doing the breast lift with implant replacement. The reason this is helpful is to be able to better predict the type of incision needed and to allow the breast skin to shrink and contract (especially since you’re considering going from 550 to 250 cc). You may be able to avoid some unnecessary scars by waiting on the lift and exchange; and doing it in a “staged” fashion.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno