I’m a male 23 years old. I was 300 lbs. and now I’m 185 lbs. The problem is I have excess skin just above the penis area and around my stomach. Is there any exercise I can do to get rid of it? I work out a lot. What procedures are available to get rid of this? It’s really upsetting me. Please can you help and tell me how I can tighten this area? Thank you!

A: body lift after massive weight loss

If you have significant loose skin after massive weight loss, then you may be a candidate for a body lift. A body lift involves a circumferential incision around your waist to address loose skin of the abdomen, lower back and outer thigh area. This will also help remove any extra skin in the suprapubic area also. Before considering this surgery, you must first decide if you are at a stable weight or if you are planning to lose more weight. The best time to have this type of body contouring procedure is when you have finished your weight loss. Despite diet and exercise, the loose skin you have is likely permanent, and needs to be surgically removed. Although this will leave scars, which are hidden in underwear/swimwear, the improved contour typically outweighs the scars.

Prior to planning such a surgery, you should be sure that your overall medical condition is acceptable to recover from the procedure. This is something that your primary care physician may need to evaluate prior to surgery. Your nutrition should be optimized also to prevent any wound healing complications.

Please discuss all these concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to scheduling any body contouring procedures.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno