I was a 34A (if not less) before my Breast Augmentation 2 years ago. I got 320CC cohesive gel implants that brought me to a 34C (not full). I now wish I could have gone larger! I want to be a 34D (full). I am now considering the same implant with 550 CCs. Is that too big for me? I do not want the fake look, just a larger size of what I am now. I look very, very natural now and would not like to destroy that. Is it possible to go larger without obtaining a fake look? I am 5’4 and 135 lbs

A: breast implant size

The final outcome of your breast augmentation surgery depends heavily upon the shape of your breasts to begin with. Meaning, if you have a nice, natural shape before surgery, you will end up with a natural result after surgery. However, if you go too large with your implant selection, this can ultimately lead to an unnatural appearance and more complications in the future. Larger implants will sag more as you age and potentially require more surgical revisions than smaller implants.

Please discuss your desires and the realistic expectations based on your current skin/breast tissue with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to increasing the size of your breast implants.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno