I have under the muscle saline smooth implants that ripple and are too firm. Before this I had silicone implants above the muscle that ruptured. They were rock hard and made me very ill. I would like to get rid of the rippling and firmness. Vitamin E did not help and I think that a 3rd surgery would do the same. Are there any real solutions to this? What about Dipulse? Thank you.

A: Rippling with saline implants

If you currently have rippling from saline implants, it sounds like you need the scar tissue removed (capsulectomy) and the implants converted to silicone; which have a very low incidence of rippling. You previously developed capsular contracture with your implants that were place in front of the muscle (subglandular) therefore it is possible this can occur again. Vitamin E can help, and also Singulair, which is an anti-inflammatory medication used for asthma but has been shown to help soften/prevent the development of scar tissue.

Unfortunately, another surgery is likely the best way for you to achieve a softer breast.