I am 32 yrs old and I had breast implants (Natrelle Saline filled, 450 cc in each) placed about 2 yrs ago and haven’t had any problems, but about 3 days ago I noticed my right breast is harder than the left all of a sudden. It doesn’t look any different, just feels harder than it had before. I am just concerned that something is going wrong with it. I am right handed, would that have anything to do with it, since i use the muscles in that side more? Should I see a Dr?

A: hardness of breast implants (capsular contracture)

Hardness of breast implants after breast augmentation is usually due to excess scar tissue which has developed around the implants-known as capsular contracture.  The scar tissue forms a shell or capsule that can squeeze or contract the implant, occasionally causing pain and discomfort.  This complication occurs in about 10% of all patients who get breast augmentation. This condition usually develops within the first year after surgery but can occur at any time.  If it is detected early on, there are some medications that can help minimize the firmness, however, if it is established, you may need surgery to remove the excess scar tissue and replace the implant.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for more information on the management and treatment of capsular contracture.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno