I have read an answer from one of the doctors on RealSelf, saying the old method of fat injections involved sucking fat through liposuction. During the fat transfer I had, I stayed awake and the surgeon froze my stomach. He used a small device to suck some fat out, then placed it somewhere to spin it before he injected it in my face. I’m wondering, is this the new method for this treatment?

A: Fat transfer

When doing fat transfer to a small area such as the face, the fat can be harvested using a hand held syringe, under low suction, to gently harvest the fat. The fat and fluid is then placed in a centrifuge which spins the syringe and separates the layers of fat, blood and oil. Then you are left with only the fat, which is what will give a long lasting volume effect wherever it is injected, usually the face.

When doing fat transfer on a large area such as into the buttock, the fat is harvested by liposuction, under lower than normal suction pressure, then straining the fat cells manually or by centrifugation, then injecting into the desired area such as buttock.

It is important to inject the fat in small amounts, and in multiples layers and passes to ensure a uniform contour and long-lasting result.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon if you plan to have any fat transfer/grafting in the future.