I am 5’2, 105 pounds, and in pretty good shape. I am considering a Mini Tummy Tuck. I think the underlying muscle is ok, it feels firm and I have very little remaining fat on my stomach. It looks firm and tight when I stand up straight but when I bend over, my stomach sags terribly. The skin on my lower abdomen has a very soft and loose feel to it. I am very self conscious of this, as I was in excellent shape prior to having my second child. My concern is that I don’t want to wind up with a huge visible scar. Can the incision be placed low enough that it is mostly camouflaged in the line of pubic hair?

A: scar location for mini-tummy tuck

The scar can be placed quite low for a mini-tummy tuck.  I typically have patients wear underwear or swimwear the day of surgery so I can place the incision within the boundary of their garment.  The incision can be tailored to a patient’s particular anatomy within reason.  The lower incisions have evolved over the years to conform to the trends in women’s fashion (ex. low rise jeans).  Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine first if you are a good candidate for a mini-tummy tuck.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno