I am considering a mastopexy + tear drop implants 240cc. What procedure would you recomend? I´m 1.57m, 53kg Torax under the mammary fold is 81cm (31 inches), over the breast 90cm (28 inches) My left breast has a 21cm ptosis and 22cm for the right on.

William Bruno, MD answers: Mastopexy and Augmentation - Best Procedure?

A: augmentation with lift (mastopexy)

Based on your photos, I would recommend a periareolar subpectoral breast augmentation with a circumareolar mastopexy.  The breast lift would involve a circular incision around your areola which typically heals very nicely with minimal scarring. This would elevate your nipple/areola position and add to a nicer overall shape.  I usually use a Gore-Tex suture for this type of lift to prevent widening of the areolar diameter.

Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to be examined carefully before scheduling an augmentation with mastopexy (lift).

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno